10 Mistakes Made by Beginners in The Gym

The first day I joined a gym, I was excited by seeing all the weights, machines and other equipment’s they had. A gym can be a place where you can become a better you, healthy and build muscle. . Looking now , I feel that I made so dumb mistakes that can easily discourage many people from continuing to go to the gym So here is a list of ten things I wish I would have known back then.


10 Mistakes Made by Beginners in The Gym


Mistake 10: No proper nutrition

The Most common mistake made by beginners in the gym is underestimating the power of nutrition. Most guys join gym to lose weight, gain muscle or just for the purpose of getting healthy. They do all kind of workouts and cardio but can’t achieve there goals just because of poor nutrition or no proper nutrition at all. You can do all the hard work you can but unless and until your nutrition is in check you will go nowhere.


Mistake 9: No proper workout plan

When you step your foot in the gym you should always have game plan in your mind. A proper workout plan not only make workout session a lot easier but short to. Beginners wait for stepping into the gym and just do whatever they like to do. As a result, they get poor results, even after doing lots of exercises, cardio and abs session.


Mistake 8: Lack of balance between weight training and cardio

Depending upon your goals a balance between weight training and cardio is essential. If your primary goal is to lose weight then a balance between these two something you can’t neglect.

A balanced workout plan including not only weight training includes cardio. But beginners tend to neglect this just start lifting those dumbbells or running miles on the treadmills. If you want to loose weight then balanced plan of these two secret ingredients will help you , and if you are someone who not necessarily need to loose weight a light cardio session can help you to bring more muscle definition by reducing your body fat levels.


Mistake 7: No proper form

We all have to admit, we all have done this in our beginning gym days. As a beginner one thing you should never do is doing the exercises in wrong manner. Using improper form will likely lead to you hurting yourself.

It is extremely dangerous to perform exercises like barbell squats, bench press or something like a deadlift. All of these exercises are very great for building and muscle, but without taking care of maintain proper you could make yourself moving one step closer to hurting yourself.

Ask the trainer for proper form, or you can use internet as your saviour and see the proper form videos of exercises from online sources.


Mistake 6: More Quantity more gains

Another mistake made by beginners is doing lots of reps after reps and sets after sets. Going beyond failure is another thing. But as a beginner one should only focus on doing high quality reps with proper form  and a good rest period ideally 30-60 seconds as before even thinking about going beyond  failure you must create a strong base. Don’t just do sets and reps because of peer pressure just build your base then move forward to doing high reps or doing more sets in a balanced manner.


Mistake 5: Focus on only isolation exercises

Isolation exercises are big part of a good workout plan. But putting focus only on isolation exercises will always result in poor result. As a beginner one should keep in mind doing isolation is not enough they should also do compound exercises in their workout plan. These are the exercise that not only check your overall strength but also make you a hell lot stronger on your other exercise.


Mistake 4: Talking around messaging around the gym

We all join gym for a purpose, for a goal we want to achieve by exercising. If we keep talking around and messaging around we can’t do proper workout.

A good workout takes approx. 45-60 minutes if done properly in the gym, keeping in mind talking around gym not only make your rest period longer and workout time longer but makes your recovery period smaller and moving you one step away from achieving your goals.


Mistake 3: Not putting weight on the place

Everyone can be concluded guilty for this. Keeping the weights and plates on there place is another thing we guys neglect while doing or workout. When we go to take a plate and can’t find it we all get frustrated and angry but we have tendency to leave the weights and plates after our set on the floor. This is not only a bad gym etiquette but also a dangerous act as one can get an injury jut because of you leaving your weights or plates on the floor after exercising. So next time put the weights on there place after doing your exercise.


Mistake 2: No Hygiene

A gym is place where lots of people visit daily, all sweating and sharing same facility.

It is necessary to maintain our personal hygiene. Nobody wants to clear your sweat the same way you don’t want to clear others sweat. Keeping personal hygiene not only keeps you healthy but others too.


Mistake 1: Ego Lifting:


This is by far the biggest mistake done by anyone in the gym not only limited to beginners. Ego lifting by coming under pressure of seeing some one or your friend lifting more then you put us in insecurity. Thus, we try to satisfy our ego with lifting heaving weights that we can’t lift or maintain proper form with that weight.


Lifting with ego not only can hurt but can get you out of gym for long period of time like months and years and still leaving behind all the pain and its traces. Keeping in mind we all get one body in our entire life respecting it is essential. Lifting weight that is very light might be the case today but once you have build a base with that weight .You can emerge as much stronger person in the long run with overwhelming results.



So these are 10 things you should look out for as a beginner according to me. Not only will this advice help you reach your goals quicker and without injury but it will also help you become a positive part of the gym community.

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